Moves missing in AI playout

Even though this is mentionned in a previous post of mine on a different subject, I decided to enter this post because it actually is a different problem.

When you click on a suggested move by the AI review, you immediately see a sequence of numbered moves to be played from the this point for the best result. You may notice that there are holes in the numbered sequence. It also may occur that the first move that you click on doesn’t have number 1, as is the case in the following example.

In this example move number 1, 2 and 8 are missing. The reason is that move 1 and 11 are both on J14, so when you click on the first move you actually see the number 11. Move 2, 8 and 14 are all on H14. That’s why you don’t see moves 2 and 8. In this case it is the result of a (very limited) ko fight.

The problem also occurs during a fill-in of a captured stone, if the stone being captured is part of the AI sequence. The solution for this problem is the same as the solution for this post:


I tried to give some ideas a while ago about how to fix it (AI Review updates 2019-06-19) but maybe it’s just better to hide the rest of the moves once the first is played in the variations.

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