Moving up from 9x9

I have been playing very successfully (for me) at 9x9 for a while… I am trying to go to a larger board and can’t seem to win at all - does anyone know any good teaching resources or have any advice for me? I have dropped from 17k to 21k in the last week.

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My advice is skip 13x13 and go straight to 19x19 as almost all go resources are made with that board size in mind.

Personally I found the Nick Sibicky YouTube channel extremely beneficial.

Also, a rank drop is expected when you’re trying something new, be it a new board size or a new opening or anything really. When you first learn a new skill it’s normally a step back before you can start taking steps forward.


In My Humble Opinion - this is still my favorite video for explaining all of the complexities of a 19x19 game in an easy-to-understand way:

Dwyrin may be a bit rambly and anecdotal - it took me a few times of watching this video before the light bulb went off in my head and I started getting the idea. Hope it helps


Thank you - all help appreciated.

Thank you. I was feeling a bit intimidated by 19x19 - i’ll pluck up my courage and jump in…

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Correction: “Moving up Across from 9x9” :wink:

As someone who’s not suited to rote memorising masses of joseki, I found this book particularly helpful: “Fundamental Principles of Go” by Yilun Yang.

Also, bear in mind that the ranking pools are different for different board sizes (and speeds). ie. it might only be that with more beginners playing 9x9, your rank was artificially inflated compared to 19x19. See also: Rating breakdown conversion