MS-DOS Go Simulator (1992) - Play In Browser Window!

MS-DOS Go Simulator (1992)

Go Simulator is a computer adaptation of the classic Chinese strategic board game known worldwide as go. The game includes a complete tutorial to learn the basic rules of go. Using the numerous available options, the player can customize the game to adapt the difficulty: size of the board (from 9x9 to 19x19 lines), AI level (1 to 20), handicap (0 to 29 stones on the board before the game starts), etc. It is possible to play against the computer or a friend, and even watch the AI play against itself.

Enjoy :smile:



Meanwhile I have learnt that this game was/is the same as “The Many Faces Of Go”; apparently different licensees/distributors sold this with different names.

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Awesome find! :smiley:

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The lvl 20 on the 19x19 is really really slow…

Actually i’m still waiting its third move since this morning :smile:

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Same here, I started on lvl 20 and after all the corners were taken, the computer would just think and not move.
So I switched to lvl 10 and had a nice game. :smile:

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