Multiple accounts created with the same email address

Hello, so on that fateful day I changed my account name to AlphaGo 2.0. Coincidentally I also had to login from a new computer that day, and (I don’t really remember the exact procedure but probably…)

  • I thought I’m still Chinitsu, so I logged in as Chinitsu, incorrect login.
  • “Now that’s weird.”, I clicked login with Google. A new Chinitsu account is created, most likely using the same email address as this account.

Now I want to change my name back to Chinitsu but I can’t (username already taken). I tried login again with Google but it created yet another new account with my email name instead. (so there should be 3 accounts using the same email address now)

Could some mod or dev confirm my authenticity and change my username back to Chinitsu please?

I changed your new Chinitsu account to Chinitsu2 and turned AlphaGo 2.0 back to Chinitsu.


Thank you very much calantir :smile: