Multiple accounts

Hey I have created multiple accounts because I forgot my password. Is it possible to get them merged

No, that is not possible.
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Wut :anguished: even the assistant manager can’t do it??

You’re welcome.

If you think it would be a nice feature to be implemented, and a feature useful not only in a specific case (yours), you can make a suggestion in the appropriate category and then hope that some other players share a similar idea.

OGS is quite a nice place welcoming new ideas with a will to get better, then there are already a bunch of improvement planned so you’ll have to consider priorities too.

Maybe before that you can reach to recover your password?

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Hey i have recovered my password for my old account but I do have another account that i have created through Facebook using the same email address. That is why i said i have 2 accounts. it’s not urgent or something i need because i can still use this account but i just thought it would be nice to be able to get the new one i created merged