Multiple period Canadian overtime?

Does OGS currently support multiple periods of Canadian overtime? I would like to use it in my games, and also as part of a tournament I’m planning, however, I can’t find the option to add more than one period. If it isn’t currently supported, are there any plans to add support?

What exactly does multiple periods of Canadian overtime mean? Does that mean that a player drops to another tier if they fail to keep up with X stones per Y minutes? I’ve never heard of something like that being used.

Yeah, I don’t think it’s used, now that I check senseis and Wikipedia again, but it’s a more general case of time control that can be used to emulate the normal Canadian overtime, and also simple (per move) time and Japanese time, as well as giving a more flexible time system if you use multiple periods + multiple moves per period.

Ok, I think I see what you are suggesting, basically a generalized timing system that allows for hybrids between Japanese and Canadian timing?

Such a system would be described by four parameters:
T: main time
P: overtime periods
S: stones per period
L: length of each period

Here are some examples

Simple timing (30 seconds per move)
T = 0
P = 1
S = 1
L = 30 secs

Absolute timing (20 minutes)
T = 20 mins
P = 0
S = n/a
L = n/a

Absolute+Canadian hybrid: 20 minutes + 25 stones/10 minutes
T = 20 mins
P = 1
S = 25
L = 10 mins

Absolute+Japanese hybrid: 20 minutes + 30x1min byoyomi
T = 20 mins
P = 30
S = 1
L = 1 min

Absolute+Canadian+Japanese hybrid: 20 minutes + 15 x 10 stones/5 minutes
T = 20 mins
P = 15
S = 10
L = 5 mins

I suppose that one could also generalize with additional parameters (such as “increment”, “delay”, “cap”) to also subsume Fischer, Bronstein, and further hybrids.


Yeah. I feel it’ll be easier to work with, as you’d be able to remove somehow the time pressure of having to make the remaining 5 moves in 10 seconds or something, by having an additional delay mechanism or multiple periods.

Great idea, I had this very idea before. Sadly, I think it would add enough complexity that will make time controls difficult to document/explain, because most players are familiar with Canadian only or with Japanese Byoyomi only.

Maybe the basic choices could be presented as it already is, but then some sort of “advanced settings” menu could be opened for power users.

Who wouldn’t want to try some super hybrids?
20 minutes + 15 x 10 stones/5 minutes with +10 seconds per move, 5 second delay, 60 minute max


Yeah, advanced settings would be what I’m looking for. There’ll have to be some sort of code for time though if it get’s too complex, I’m imagining a new markup language made just for the purpose XD.

Also, I’ve found the name for what I was originally asking about: Round Down Timing

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As long as we’re adding tons of similar but distinct time control options and allowing them to be combined in creative ways, let’s add what’s listed here: