My 9x9 rating messes up my overall rating

When I started playing on OGS, I played some rated 9x9 games. I don’t think I have ever done that before. i don’t think any of the other three go servers I had played on allowed 9x9 games to be rated. So I didn’t think much about whether to play 9x9 games here rated or unrated.

Now I wish I had never played rated 9x9 games on OGS. When I think of my OGS rating, I think of my 19x19 OGS rating. OGS sometimes seems to treat me based on my “overall” rating and sometimes not.

I would like my “overall” rating to be as close as possible to my 19x19 rating; I would like it to be what it would have been if I had never played rated 9x9 games on OGS. IS THERE ANY WAY TO WIPE OUT MY RECORD OF PLAYING RATED 9X9 GAMES HERE, without wiping out any of my other data?

(P.S. I haven’t had time to play much go (except against Many Faces of GO off line) for a while now, but I hope to start up again in a few months.)

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Someone who understands the (new) rating system will be able to give a better answer but I think it will be along the lines of:

don’t worry about it and just play a few 19x19 games. The system doesn’t really “remember” your old games. And also the individual rankings are not fed into the overall one in the way the table on your profile makes it look.


I’d say that your old games were taken into account at that time, but recent games override those results with fresh data, so older data shouldn’t actually be a problem.

Actually your overall rank looks already very close to your 19x19 rank.

Admitting that your 9x9 rank is inflating your overall rank, it’s just by 0.2k.
It’s a quite small number for me.


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