My email notifications are not working

I have a correspondence game going. But I am not receiving any notifications via email.
When I look in the settings menu I see that “It is my turn to move” is checked in Notification preferences.
I have checked my spam folder.
Any suggestions?

Same thing for me.
I’m new to OGS, about 2 weeks. Email notifications worked up until 2 days ago, then stopped. All my boxes are checked in preferences.
Love the site otherwise. Thank you to the developers.

So what I’ve noticed is that if I have OGS open in the browser then I won’t get email notifications. Could you check whether this is the case?

OK, I’ll check.
When you say “open in the browser”. does this include browsers on mobile devices?

In my experience, no…? I’m not sure how all mobile browsers work but typically their process doesn’t run unless the window is active (I think). So if you’re literally on the site then you won’t get emails, but if you aren’t currently using your mobile browser, in my experience I will always receive an email. However, as my computer doesn’t go to sleep, if I leave OGS open in my laptop browser, then I won’t receive any emails at all. But as soon as I close all the tabs, I start getting emails again.