My first game against a human! ( that didn't finish with a resignation or timeout ))

I won… although I am fairly sure my weak group at the top should have been killed, which would have changed the result.

I think O19 was a mistake, gave me a chance to live. Also, I just noticed after we both thought it was alive, K13 would have killed it!

I think my invasion at Q13 was either a bad idea, or mis-played ( or probably both ). I need to learn how to handle situations like that better, even though I got away with it in the end.

All comments welcome!


Good. I hope you’ll have more confidence to play humans by now, the fun just started!

In the game I think the 3-3 invasion could have been a bit risky but succeed, and instead of 129 I would have reduce strongly the down right white group.(could check L2 maybe?


Well done! I hope you enjoyed it and will enjoy more human games now! If you’d like a fast correspondence game then feel free to send me a challenge, although I guess you will thrash me!

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I haven’t played a correspondence game yet. I guess one wouldn’t hurt. Will send a challenge now.

… well, I am not sure how to…! Will keep on trying. Ah, figured it out eventually. Challenge sent!

( The game is here: )