My first go book

Hey everyone. I was wonder if I could get some suggestions on what my first go book purchase should be. Also, if you reply, could you possibly list some pros and cons related to the content of the book you suggest. Thanks!

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What is your current strength? Are you a complete beginner, or are you already familiar with the basics and have been playing for a while?

Are you looking for coverage of any particular topics or a just broader overview/introduction?

This website might be very helpful:

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I’m currently 21k. I already practice some life and death on the server (Fran’s Library.) So maybe a good life and death book? Or tesuji ? …they seem to be the two I’m leaning towards. (Not sure which would benefit me more first.) I know a few joseki but I feel I need a stronger foundation before really getting into studying them. And although I’m not very good at fuseki, I do have a general understanding of the principles of the opening.

I will also check out that link. Thanks.

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Overall a great first book: