My games disappeared, is this a bug?

Home page says I’m not playing any games, but I have 8 ongoing.

If this is a message from 2020 about me learning Go, :cry:.

same, i think the website is broken or down or something atm

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An announcement about server being updated is on the site now.

I have to say OGS overlords are pretty quick compared to average internet.

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I trust everything is back to normal for you two?


Same thing happened to me yesterday (about 12-16 hours ago). I hit my quick link to OGS home page, it shows no games in progress (I actually have about 24 games, in progress). The rest of the home page looked normal, I clicked a few OGS links, things looked normal (just no games in progress) and thought maybe a browser cache issues. After a browser restart, games re-appeared.

Up and running, thanks!

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