My life/death awareness was strong in this game could someone analyse it for me please

Pretty evenly matched with my opponent in terms of rank and playing ability. I think my awareness and use of life and death was strong in this game, technically very good for me. in light of this, could someone review the rest of the game for me please?

Here is my review, you might still want someone else to review it also though, I’m only 16-15 kyu. :slight_smile:

Made review too - - you actually handled life & death quite well. Most fundamental mistakes are imho attaching to stones you want to attack and ignoring your own cuts in position.

EDIT: (in response to changing title to cocky one) - bragging about having strong life & death awareness is stupid, you are good in that aspect for 20k. Better way to approach this is “how do I get rid of stupid mistakes I made” (so I can get to 17-18k (where my L&D awareness will be on par with opponents))


Kreur’s review is much better then mine, you should listen to him before me :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone, this is really great, this is one reason I love the go community