My rank behaves strangely

In the game I brought here, I beat a stronger player. But my rating became smaller after that. Why? Explain, please.

When I observe your profile, it seems your rating went from 1533 up to 1551 from this win.

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Sorry, I was not exactly accurate. I had in mind the indicators marked in the screenshot. These indicators have decreased.

It does look like a bug to me.

Now that you’ve told us what to look at, I can see the effect you describe, in your Profile, and I don’t know of any way that any component of your rank should go down after winning a game.

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It seems that you are right. The fact that these figures have decreased, but the overall rating has grown with this, is undoubtedly strange. It seems that it’s time to report this to @anoek and @matburt.

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