My rank is too high

I just created my account today and set my rank to 2k because that was my real life rank according to my real life teachers. Either the ranks in this website is much higher than the ones that my teachers used or my skills have deteriorated because I did not play enough. I lost 13 games in a row with 0 wins. I don’t want to lose 100 games before I finally find my correct rank, so can the moderators please change my rank?

Done, @ou.treeko. I think you’ll be fine at 10k for starters. If it turns out to be too low, let us know.

Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it!

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OGS’s ranks are indeed a bit deflated compared to other servers but I took a look at your games and you are definitely not 2k which explains your losing streak. Your local area’s rank is really inflated or you’ve really dropped at least 3 stones.