My ranking shows a question mark even though i have one in my profile

Hello, I just joined OGS today, and I am a little confused about something. When I go to my profile, it says that I am about 9kyu (which is correct). However, when you look at my name, where there should be a rank, it shows a question mark. I thought that maybe this is because OGS thinks I haven’t played enough ranked games yet, but below my name it still shows that I am about 1369, which is the alternative ranking system. What’s going on here? Thanks.

Even unranked players technically have a rank - everyone starts at 1150 +/- 350 (~12k).

This provides an interesting way to sandbag without sandbagging - just make an account, and never play a ranked game!

Your rating is 1303 ± 165. After you play more games, the uncertainty (165) will become low enough so that your rank appears next to your profile name.


This happens below 160 uncertainty, so very likely after 1 or 2 more ranked games


thank you