My US Open games

Here is all (but one) of my US Open games.

  • Game 2: I was white vs a 7k (reviewed by Jennie Shen 2p)
  • Game 3: I was black vs a 6k
  • Game 4: I was black vs a 5k (after shown the opening, the pro reviewing, Wang Qun 8p, did not believe that I lost. I defy expectations)
  • Game 5: I was white vs a 7k
  • Game 6: I was white vs a 5k
  • Simul with Stephanie Yin 1p: I took black. I think this one is obvious though.

I ended out the Open at 3-3. I didn’t feel like I was playing to the best of my ability (and based on the reviews I got my feeling was correct :wink: ), but I was happy to find that I could play comfortably at the AGA 6k level. I was uncertain of my rank before this.

I learned a lot during the last week. Both from the pro reviews I got and the lectures I attended. Hopefully I won’t dip in rank too much as I try to incorporate some of these new ideas into my game.

NOTE: My first game I tried to record on paper. I have the record, just haven’t transcribed it yet. I will Edit this post with a link once I do.