Name too short for puzzles

I would like to add a puzzle to the puzzle section. When I click to create one and i place the stones i should add it to a collection but I don’t have a collection yet so i click to create a collection. But no matter what name i give for the collection it tells me that the name is too short? I’ve tried using 100 random letters but still it tells me name too short.

Whats going on? I am using google chrome by the way.

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Yea, I would like to get an answer here too. I’ve been trying to make a puzzle collection and have similarly not been able to.

same problem on firefox. let’s ask @anoek

I guess we could also start an issue on github, but since I am not at all familiar with the site I’d rather leave it to someone who knows what he/she is doing…

Yikes, yeah this would have been fixed awhile ago had it been put on the bug tracker, I don’t always see every forum post :slight_smile:

I’ll try and get it fixed today


Yay, just checked and it’s fixed for me!

Thanks so much!

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