This topic is intended to be used for developing name calling skills. By practicing and comparing one’s efforts to those of others, participants can elevate name calling skills from the gutter to the level of, say, Winston Churchill:

Woman: “You’re drunk. And what’s more, you’re disgustingly drunk”.
Churchill: “You’re ugly. And what’s more, you’re disgustingly ugly. But when I wake up, I’ll be sober, and you’ll still be ugly”.

Trolls and bugs, let the fun begin!

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I have not seen this applied to others who do call names or make ad hominem attacks irrelevant to topics or - and there is a specific example of this - responding to “tone” instead of content here in these fora but there was no suggestion that name calling be directed against any users. See the example provided; it provided an example not directed at any user.

(P.S. There is a Go Jokes topic. Presumably none of the jokes were directed at any particular user but it was possible that some user might have decided to take a joke as directed at him and be personally offended. Should a Jokes topic have been disapproved of because of that potential? If so, then apply such criteria evenly across the board.)

Example of failure to apply your own rules:

trohdeOGS Team3d
LOL, as fas as I understand this, it is just about adding options for those who like them, so if this doesn’t meet your taste I’d recommend to simply ignore rather than splattering vitriol :wink:

It was quite harsh, and you were right to call him out on it.

Stop trolling the forums.

Life lesson: One cannot justify their own wrong-doing by citing the wrong-doings of others.


What possible good can come of this thread?

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None that I can see. Locked.