Natsu (Feugo) Computer Bot Broken

The computer bot Natsu (Feugo) seems to be broken. It has timed out on several games. I assumed the bot has crashed or else I’ve been making very hard to analyse moves, which I very much doubt :smile:.

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I don’t think that this is specific to Natsu. The Kid has recently timed out on me as well which never happened before the change.

I’ve also been trying to play against Natsu. 3/3 it’s frozen up. RandomBot is OK though.

Same thing with Pactrick

Just had GnuGo (TheKid) time out on me too, near the end of the game, in a ko. Seems like something systemic.

Not sure about it but I think it is known that the bots have some ailments since the update to 4.2.

I’m currently playing my second game on GS and I found the Natsu bot weird too. It seems that it just stops playing.

Natsu stopped playing in this game:

Anything I can do to get things going again?

Billy is thinking a lot seems to run out of time soon and have plenty of chances to beat me.