Neat Visualization of Top Go Pros over the Decades


The same channel also made a visualization of the top chess players over modern history


I wonder if there a clear reason for those bumps in rating: it seems that many strong players had big rises and deep falls…

I wonder too if the same effect would be visible on Go players…

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Just looking at the Top 10 in the first video, I think rollercoastering up and down is more common than vast increases or decreases over a longer period of time. But I took would love to see the same treatment for Go players. Thank you so much @yebellz for sharing these :sparkling_heart:.

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This is relative, as the total scale displayed on screen is around 200 ELO.

It is not unusual for top stars to retire from competition then make a come back. I didn’t check but you’ll probably see bumps like this for Cho Chi Kun in Go, or Agassi in tennis.

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