Need a sdk and a dan player for a twitch broadcast program

“The Go Show with Noah Doss” will be a program in which two guests, first a sdk, then a dan, will have an opportunity to discuss some part of go study they’d like. Segments are roughly 20 minutes, but can go longer if necessary. Guests are required to bring their own material, but aside from preparation and voice participation (through discord) in their own segment, and in the case of the sdk, the dans segment as well, are not required to do anything else. After the show we’ll likely participate in some kind of game, maybe zen-go, maybe rengo, maybe some kind of fun joseki or tsumego study, but it isn’t required. That will go up as a separate video called “The Go Show Afterparty.”

If you’d like to be on the first twitch episode, which I would like to broadcast sometime this coming week, please let me know. We will structure the schedule around what fits the dan the best (assuming it’s during a period of time in which I’ll be available as well) just because dans are harder to find.

I have a checklist detailing what will happen before and during the show, to make it as easy as possible for guests. If you’d like to help in some other way, let me know!