Need some help!

my opponent refuse to resign and kept the game in last phase

Have you tried the call moderator button?

Yes I did a while ago :frowning:

Thanks for the report. You reported each other, actually—your opponent for not accepting score, and you for choosing 25k when you’re not a beginner. In any event, the game ended, and I raised your rank a little, so I think there won’t be any more issues like this.

I was a 16k on tygem and hadnt play for a while. I have heard ogs has a much higher rank rating so I wasnt sure which rank should I pick to begin with. Also during the game, he was leading the game for a while. After that I killed his group on left side and took the lead. but it was still a balanced game at time. The main reason he lost is he starting to throw stones into my territory at about 128 move. I dont think I am stronger than him by a lot. He killed his own group because he cant accept I killed his group on left side. Also if you check his history game, All he did was destory everyone he played with, I think it would be fair to change his level too. Also I my win to loss ration was only 2:1 and his was 10:0.

This guy is a joke, he reports me only because he cant accept he would lose to anyone at this rank.


Thank you very much for replying me anyway.

If you have time, please take a look at the game, I take the lead after more than 100 moves.:triumph:

As it turns out, your opponent was using a new account to avoid a ban. You won’t be seeing that player anymore.


thank you very much!

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