Network issues?

I seem to be having network issues on OGS since a few days. I’m still getting notification that its my turn but I have to load and reload the page 2-3 times until I see a board. Until then I’m just getting this page:

Has the traffic suddenly increased causing this?
Youtube and other sites work fine an I have the same issue on my phone connected to the mobile network so I dont think the issue is on my side.

Anybody else experiencing this? Or something I can di as a workaround?

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Yesterday and today there are a lot of lags on this site for me too.
Puzzle loads forever sometimes.

I have these problems too. Connection errors, don’t get the complete site (for example no site content, board without stones), moves not executed a.s.o.
Thank you!

Same problem here as well.

Hope devs can solve the issue asap, I had to put myself on vacation because I can hardly open a game after 20 tries… :disappointed_relieved:

Same issue here, has been for the past week or something. Although usually three tries is enough to open the page that I want to see. But it’s quite frustrating indeed.

Update: the issue seems gone.

Maybe it’s because the server is crowded during weekends? :confused:

Funny, I just came here to say that the issue seems even worse now, than it did this past week. It took me 6 attempts to load a single game link just now.

We haven’t seen any alerts out of our monitoring platform, but if I had to guess it’s probably network related and maybe not entirely your fault!

If you read back to some of our recent announcements you’ll see that we’re in the process of moving to new infrastructure that is going to help us scale it in a major way. We have simply out grown our existing hosting provider.

This migration is going to happen in the next couple of weeks, so if you can hang on and bare with us things will be getting a lot better.


Thanks for the insight @matburt
As an update I can confirm what @ema noticed as well: The issue seemed to have gone, Yesterday I didnt have any problems all day.

And how about losing a rating game because of network issues? :frowning: