Neural Network text, image or sound generators

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StyleGAN mentioned in this article for generating fake profile pictures


Text completion using the GPT-J 6B or GPT-2 language models. GPT-J 6B is the largest model and uses 6 billion parameters. According to our evaluation it is currently the best publically available English language model.

Type a text and let the neural network complete it. Each try returns a different randomly chosen completion.



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Wow, AI is getting really good!

β€œNightmare about Go” … β€œa chess pawn” … β€œGo stones moving around”

Every go player’s worst nightmare!


Free text generator:
It is bigger than GPT-3 !

Q: How to play Go without board?


A: Simplest way to play without a board is to use marking paper or cardboard as the β€œboard”. The players write down their moves on paper.

Q: How to play Go without board?
A: β€œGoban” is Japanese word for β€œboard”. Goban is 19Γ—19 grid of lines for Go. Goban was expensive and rare 300 years ago, so most of Go was played without board. Now, Goban is cheap, so almost all Go is played on board. However, some players are not so rich, so some people want to play Go without board.
A: To play Go without board, you need two players. Each of you has a piece of paper with 19Γ—19 grid of lines. It is very simple and it is easy to draw.

Q: How to play Go without board?
A: Traditionally, Go is played on a 19x19 square grid called a goban (囲璁盀). However, you can play on a 5x5 grid or even without a grid, either on a sheet of paper, on the floor, or any other flat surface.
Using simple rules of placement, your goal is to surround your opponent’s stones so they can’t move. Each player starts with 361 stones or β€œstones”, depending on whether you enumerate black or white stones. For the basic rules, see Rules of Go.
SGF or Smart Game Format is an electronic file format for recording board games, designed to be readable by humans as well as computers. See GNU Go Manual: SGF for more information.
You can use the Go client GoKiki (, or the Go client SmartGo ( Both programs allow you to download SGF files from the Internet and play against computer opponents.
You can use any software to play a game of Go. Go to your favorite Go site, for example, and click the Play button.

Q: How to play Go without board?
A: Technically this is impossible, as Go is a game which involves playing pieces on a board.
However, there are many software simulators which imitate the rules of Go; many of them also include simulation of a board.

Q: How to play Go without board?
A: You don’t. Go is played on a board.

Q: How to play Go without board?
A: You cannot play without board.

Q: How to play Go without board?
A: I recommend that board-less go players should play on the internet. There are numerous sites out there, with interface like a real board. Many even offer a game history function, where you can review a game you have played. As for now, they are free to play, but most charge when you want to play on a rank

Q: How to play Go without board?
A: Go without board is played as a communication game by sending and receiving a sequence of moves by e-mail.

Q: How to play Go without board?
A: When somebody says β€œGo without board” they mean that they use a computer program instead of a real Go board. This kind of Go is called β€œArtificial Go”. You can not play real Go this way.
Most artificial Go programs simulate the basic rules of Go. However, the boards look quite different.

Q: How to play Go without board?
A: You can use a Go board simulator.


All these images are AI generated. There is a fashion of short clips on YouTube of X movie or game as an 80s sci-fi/horror movie - as you see I fancy the horror ^^

Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 03-18-02 Bloodborne as a 1980's Horror Movie (Part 2) - YouTube


here are some more:




What do these images have to do with Go?

IIRC the thread is about Go-related images of newer times, even though the title doesn’t explicate it.

Moved the last images and comments from Images of newer times

p.s.: But admittedly amazing images.


Oh, I’m very sorry, somehow that completely slipped by me! :sweat_smile: I can take them down and post them elsewhere if you prefer?!

Edit: Yeah, there are some really kool pictures made by these AIs. Honestly mindboggling how fast they developed! Midjourney, the program with which these were made, still struggles with the number of teeth and fingers human have XD, all the other aspects tho look great!!!

Haha, but as we evolveβ€”because, surprise surprise, we’re far from being β€œfinished”—these numbers may change anyway :smiley:

OTOH changing numbers of eyes, ears, noses, mouths, limbs, etc. seem VERY improbable.

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photo of real UFO, photo

photo of real ghost, photo

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Thanks for moving the pics, here they are indeed more apropos ^^

i would give a lot to see how humans and human societies develop and evolve over the coming millenia and further.

There is a real cool piece of speculative biology available on the net, All tomorrows by the Turkish author C.M. KΓΆsemen, who also dabbles in handfeeding bristleworms. How is that for a pet?! XD - the book was published as a free epub in the 2000s. ^^

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Image generator can draw spectrogram
and spectrogram can be converted to sound

so, text to music generator with just fine-tuned model, without changing image geneator AI itself:


So cool! :astonished: