New application for OGS on Android?

Today I accidentally discovered a new application to play on OGS for Android. I did not find information about this application on the OGS forum, so I ask you to answer whether this application is an official application for OGS on Android, and if not, can we trust this application?
Link below. Thank you in advance for your response.

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Haven’t seen it before, looks like it’s maintained by a Russian user? It’s certainly not official but in terms of safety I think google scan the code to make sure there aren’t any scrapers so I would assume it talks directly to the ogs api without any sniffers


I don’t know what usecase this app is useful for. It is 1:1 the website. Basically it’s a browser.


these were my thoughts too… maybe for someone whose phone doesn’t support adding webpages to the home screen?

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