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That, and i wasnt checking the “Apply to domain button.” Thats right… im an idiot XD


Super happy with the result too! Its beautiful! And means i can change depending on ym mood and vibe now!!! Thank you very very much!


But is there animated gif support?


Yeah, sure, try

background-image: url("") !important;

EDIT a bit better one


or actually idk, which one do you like?


found my favotire ^^

EDIT n+1
Had to make some modifications again in order for more readable thumbnails, i think its starting to be good now xD


I descided against the first one i had because it was a little dark. I thought that this image from the movie “Spirited Away” would be a delightful scene to play go on… i was right!!!


Go with the Matt stones on the first but with the black lines on the second. See how that looks?

I will in a bit :3 ty!

This is awsome!


I honestly had no idea this was even possible! I will have to give it a try at some point because there have been some backgrounds I would have liked implemented into OGS, but it seems like this is a much better alternative for very specific customizations. Thanks @Vsotvep for providing the information that makes this possible, particularly for those of us that aren’t very technical!


couldn’t have said it better

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I was just looking for something like this, so the topic was perfect timing… I like the flat style of GoKibitz, for some reason I find it calm and peaceful and friendly, so I wanted to replicate it in OGS. Specifically I really wanted the flat edges on the white stones, but since the OGS plain style has a black border on the white stones, and uses HTML canvas to draw the board, I had to make some JavaScript changes. In order for this to work, you will need to use Tampermonkey which injects a user script into the page. Here is the script.

I tested it with a quick bot game and a demo board, but I’m usually a backend programmer so there definitely might be bugs :smile: just a warning, if something looks wrong in the middle of a game, turn off Tampermonkey and refresh the page

edit: Oh and by the way I also found out you can do something like user scripts in iOS (I usually play on my iPad)… there is something called “Shortcuts” that can inject Javascript. It’s a lot harder to get it working but if anyone wants I can help


I think that looks wonderful my dude! i like the more simple style like that. Often where there is too much going on in the backround it can make focusing on the game quite difficult. So i can certainly see the appeal!


That’s amazing! I’m playing around with it now, finally I can change how the stones look!

Edit: Just realised how horrible the above must look for a red/green colourblind person :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s not easy to play with either, still needs some improvement.


OMG! when you get this down, and simplified for the code simpletons like me, then please. please, PLEASE!!! let us know how! Then we can turn this thread in to a board and stones appriciation page XD


Thank you everyone, especially @Vsotvep and @michiakig, for figuring it out. I think a lot of people can appreciate small improvements like that.

Is it possible to maybe go a step further and make a browser extension for OGS customization?

And find somewhere good default images that can be used?


Wouldn’t it be easier to just add it to the main site?

I don’t have time to actually program it, by the way. Nor do I have the skills.


Okay, it took me way to long to recognize the game.


How about this:


I finally started playing 19x19 last week … I think I’m getting distracted from learning how to play the big board… After I saw this post on Reddit, I just had to try :joy:

I wanted to make the bottom of the board like the screenshot but my pixel art + CSS skills are pretty bad. anyway here is the script again if anyone wants to try it or improve

Oh and I meant to agree with Vsotvep, I think it would be easier to add to the main site, otherwise any plugin is just going to break eventually. But the front end of OGS is open source, maybe they would accept a pull request … Unfortunately I also don’t have the skills or time to do it, or at least not do it right