New Feature Request: Color coding review tree

So when we make a comment on any given move in the review tree, that move gets highlighted blue. I was thinking it would be of use if we had to option to color code specific moves. The reasoning behind this would be for learning purposes. With this in place, we could, for example; highlight all joseki related moves red (or different josekis by different shades of red, all 3-3 invasions green, every time a certain tesuji is played in whatever other color, etc.

This way, if we as players are focusing on a certain aspect of our game which we want to work on; we can easily go through our reviews quickly to find that aspect in question. Or say in a very general sense that there’s “something” that we’ve done in games that worked many times before (Which we know we had colored [blank] color), but this game it didn’t work; here we could go back quickly and find the color of the type of “something” and compare to try to learn why that “something” didn’t work in this situation. (Maybe it was all because our opponent had one stone off by one space that we initially didn’t think would make a difference?)

I was thinking something like: double-clicking on the move in the tree making the color palate pop up. in order to be able to select the color.

Anyways… just an idea. Thanks.


I think this is a great idea. The general feature of supporting annotations with some sort of interface and visualization would be very helpful for reviews.

To add to this idea, I would suggest that this feature makes use of the appropriate SGF properties for recording annotations, which would then help with export and compatibility of this markup with other applications.

Here are some example properties from the SGF spec:
DM: Even position or joseki
GB: Good for black
GW: Good for white
UC: Position unclear
BM: Bad or very bad move
TE: Good or very good move (tesuji)
DO: Doubtful move
IT: Interesting move


not quite picking up on the sgf coding idea, but color adding a coloring option/ branch renaming option would be an excellent idea. or even the ability to highlight specific branches in some fashion would help to unclutter a review where tons of variations, good, bad, or curious but pointless, are made without having to actively delete the unwanted or less interesting branches.


I really like your branch naming idea… especially if it were able to be set up so that; similar to the opponent search option in the played games list, you were able to search through game reviews by keywords from the actual reviews. (Say “Orthodox Fuseki” for example, and it would pull up only the games where you mentioned it in the review, or designated that as a keyword/branch name.)

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Basically, the SGF standard already supports the recording of these type of annotations. I was just suggesting that if this feature was implemented, recording it properly in the SGF is also possible to preserve this information in the downloaded SGFs of the the reviews, for viewing in other applications.

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