"New Game Has Started" notification, but where is it

Hi There.

I keep getting notifications that “A New Game Has Started”, but when I go to my games, there is no new game.

I’m not sure what I am missing here. I hope I am not annoying people who have started a new game with me because I cannot find the game. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place. Or is this just a general notification that two other people have started playing a game?

I’m a bit confused…

Those notifications have the link to the game in blue. At OGS home page https://online-go.com/overview you’ll see all the games you’re playing at the moment. If you recieved a notification about a game in which you are not a player, let us know here and we’ll let the devs know.

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There are no blue links on the pop-up window. I’ve tried clicking on the notification, but nothing happens. The link you suggested is where I am looking for the games and not finding them.

On your profile page https://online-go.com/user/view/340772/BrodieRatel13 I can see that you have some active games. You are sure you logged in, right?

There are nine active correspondence games that I am aware of on my profile page. I am logged in, and I’m involved with playing them. Can you see any empty boards, or games where my opponent has made one move and I have not responded?