New games do not respect my settings

I created a few correspondence games with:
Ranking: 15 kyu to 22 kyu
Time: Initial 7 days, increment 1 day, maximum 14 days
No handicap, automatic komi, Japanese rules

But I end up with games that start at 3 days per move, against 12 kyu players?

You created custom games that did that or are you talking about quick match finder?

I created custom games, which appear correctly in the Long Games list:

springyboard 13k 19x19 1wk+ 1d up to 2wk Yes No Friendly Match Japanese

But when the game actually starts, I see I have 2 days 23 hours left to move. Sometimes my opponent is a 12 kyu.

Already a few times, even after I make sure I do not click the Correspondence (1 day per move) button.

Found out that it shows 2 days 23 hours only before any moves have been made and becomes 6 days 23 hours once Black has made a move. Is this a quirk with how Fischer timing works in Go? (I set the increment at 1 day.)

I think that’s some sort of shortened timer just to verify that both players accepted the game and are present (there is a similar in live) and do not want to cancel for some reason.

I would not worry too much about it, the problem is if you really got a 12k player even though you restricted to 15, that would be quite an issue. However note that each person has several ranks (separated for different board sizes and time settings), but these are all just for information, only the overall rank should be taken into account for matchmaking.

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Although the OP’s experience looks like further evidence to me that the “information only” part isn’t as true as anoek thinks :wink:

Heh heh - I thought Sarah_Lisa might pop in at this point :slight_smile:

@springyboard it would be good to have some more precise details. Which games are we talking about?

I only see one in your record with a 12k, and in that one you told the other person you’d got the wrong settings.

If this is correct, the interface should make this clearer. I cancelled a few games because I saw “2 days 23 hours” and thought the game was 3 days + 1 day (max 7 days) instead of the 7 days + 1 day (max 14 days) that I set. Sorry to my opponents!