New ladder format

With the new ladder format, when a player has many challenges, a part of them are overwritten by the name of the player just below.
I use android with chrome

It doesn’t seem to be related with the length of the names and it can be the third or fourth line partially hiden (and not concerning all of them, a bit random)


I’ve no errors with Firefox on Android.

Can’t do that on my a bit old android sadly.

It’s almost fully or less overwritten (no transparency)

Happens in many places but not everywhere.

You can try pressing the power and volume down button at the same time. This is a shortcut for screenshots for a while. (At least since android 4.0 I don’t know how old your phone is though.

There is more than enough space on my device

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Screeshots:No. Not on mine ( I did already some search)

Looking at your screenshot I see you don’t use Portrait view, so I checked and I have all fine like you in that other view. The problem is in portrait view (with 2 challenges max on a line)

The name box is covering the last line of the challenges of the upper player. Taking your screenshot for ref the line:
#161 kisgado.csaba (11k)
will be almost hidden.

It’s new, first time I got something wrong so I tend to think it comes from design.

I took the screenshot in Portrait view :wink: My screen is just bigger than yours.

But now I get what your problem is. #SizeMatters




Screenshots made on my Notebook with very small window widths.


I like the new style btw.


On my 4,6’ iphone:

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Otherwise, on my 24’ desktop monitor, numbers and player names look HUGE, like an awkward supersize smartphone.
Before I was able to see almost a full page of 20 players. Now I see just 7.
Not to mention the empty space on the sides.

And is this correct?

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OK revamped it again, how do folks feel about it now?


Better in desktop view.
Better but not perfect on mobile:

(again on 4,6’ screen)

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Still same problem, sorry.

Alrighty new version up

Wow I don’t know what to say.looking good more like a ladder but info is hidden…
You see less if someone is busy or not. You can no more check who challenge who at a glance.
Now maybe this is a good point, hard to say.

There is still a problem with format: the players with a long name get their level hidden (16 players in the 13x13 ladder)

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Only half convinced on that but maybe we could get rid of the challenge buttons? With a confirm pop up?
These take a lot of space and not especially aesthetic.

What would you propose instead of a challenge button?

Select the player directly (but we lose the usual popup)
Or select the number which is still free to select but it’s less intuitive. On top there is some place to be used too (button or just text)

That could work though having some sort of indication about who is challengable and who is not is kind of necessary i feel, otherwise you could be clicking around a lot looking for a good person to challenge

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Yes that’s why I was only half :slight_smile:

But in that case maybe open the pop up by clicking the ranking number and have written in top left “challenge” would be clear enough?
(So we keep the usual menu by clicking on name)

The drop out button can move to the right

Another small change: align the orange/purple buttons. Btw I find the small numbers quite pretty on them

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Could the ranking numbers be green for challengeable and red/black/grey for not?


So that could be: keep the grey and change into green button the ones you can challenge

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