New ladder format


Now we have a new ladder layout but still same old problems: I’m number 90 but when I open ladder page I see only players above me. Is it supposed to do so?

I don’t think so. I also think that’s because of double numbers:

Two number 20.



I feel like new ladder format strains my eyes to see who’s challengeable and who’s not. Am I only one?


This is easily fixed. Just get to #1 and then you know that you can’t challenge anyone. :laughing:


I like this format but maybe it’s better in the dark theme? There is space for long names and I find the challengeable players stand out nicely.


What about a trigger to show “all / only challengeable” just like in the “Play” page?
I’d love it.

The new visual looks a bit cryptic. Only way to have information is to click. The two numbers are not very intuitive this way.
I understand that the previous “challenge” button was bulky, but maybe it could be replaced by a smaller one. A round one with a tick mark, maybe? Just like the one to accept challenges.


Also someone would just fix the two players with same ordinal number?

Every time I open the ladder, my position is hidden just behind the screen.