New moves played by Katago (or is it?)

I just finished this game:

After AI analysis, I discovered this brand new kind of move suggested by AI: play on top of your stone! :smiley:

immediately followed by this other astounding move: play on top of your opponent’s stone! :smiley:

Sadly I couldn’t see those variations, because OGS UI didn’t allow me to click on those moves.
This is clearly a bug that prevents the world Go community from learning new ways of playing invented by AI.
Please, fix the UI so that we can explore those variations and take a step further in the road to learn cozmic multilayer style! :crazy_face:


Is it like Upwords, but UpGo :rofl:


For improving your game even further, Lizzie also suggests to consider moves outside of the grid. When you really need those extra outside liberties…


I’ve had an opponent play this against me before. Works out very differently IRL than online. Especially if done with force!


So we must tell Lizzie to check her alignment and OGS Katago to check his moves!
Does this sound as a bug notification?