New player, First win against Budgie, Review request

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Pro tip: reviews are usually more instructive on games where you lost or were very close. In this game you crushed Budgie, so the most room for improvement is on Budgie’s end (and Budgie doesn’t care about improving :pensive:)


What makes you realise this? It might be offended!


Well I saw on the analysis that I goofed a few times, so I want to learn from that

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Lmao true that, what if this starts a revenge arc :o

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The Analysis seems least impressed by move 37 at H8 which it scores at -30pts. It may be a little tricky for a new player to see but you can simply ignore White’s move and play elsewhere. They still won’t have enough room in the top-right to create a live group or break out:

I can certainly agree to that. I’ve played Budgie lots and won mostly and, these days, I can win Budgie easily. Let’s just say that Budgie 9x9 is for people 9kyu and below.

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