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Hi new player here really tired of loosing :slight_smile: Is there a high ranked player around willing to play a correspondence game or two to teach? Also can anyone good reading material for beginners to learn correctly? Thanks in advance.

For beginners I recommend:
‘Go, A Complete Introduction to the Game’ by Cho Chikun and
‘Graded Go Problems for Beginners Vol 1’

As an aside, I credit ‘Fundamental Principles of Go’ for lifting me from DDK to SDK and for adjusting to the full-size board but that’s for later.

I don’t know about ‘high ranked’. As SDK I just have an even bigger sense of how staggeringly large my ignorance is but…

I’d be happy to play a ‘Malkovich’ 9x9 correspondence game with you which is where the comments only become visible after the game. Allows me to get a sense of what you do and don’t know before I start flapping my lips. If you like that idea send me a pm and I’ll set it up.

I looked at one of your games, and my very first advice is to just pay attention.

If you keep your stones separated, black will cut (black E6).
If you play a stone with one liberty, black captures (white A9).
If you let black play 5 moves without replying, don’t be surprised if you end up being captured (black L2, L3, N2, M1, A2).

You missed a great opportunity to take the lead at move 64. If you count the liberties, black has 3 and white has 3. White G2 wins the race.

I hope this helps.

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Welcome to Go and on OGS.

You can send me a challenge. (9x9 unranked, time settings as you like, title “teaching game” or something equally telling)
We can talk about why a move is bad and where you should focus.

It should get better if you’re playing against fellow 25k player.

You don’t need a high ranked teacher. Higher should be sufficient. I’m not even sure at which rank one starts to think “My rank is high” :wink:

I don’t know if it’s good, but at least it’s free

You can also look at It’s a beginner tutorial, teaching the rules and some basics.