New version of OGS is great, but I have few questions

First, thank you, OGS team, for creating and upgrading the best place to play Go online!
I have two suggestions-questions:

  1. is it possible to add an option to return game graph and open games on the top of homepage? That was really useful…
  2. (less important) I prefer to keep >‘Home’ … ‘New game’ … ‘Mail’ … ‘Tournaments, Ladders’ … ‘Friends’…< list on the left side of any page, but now it disappears when i leave current page, and i have to open it again. On older version, when you open it, it is permanent, and i wonder if that could be enabled again.
    Thank you! :smile:

Hi! Other question, is there a way to reduce the chat box and increase the size of the board, cause i have a small screen and it kinda suck that the game board is smaller than the chat box/namebox…but overall good job on the update :smile:

Can you add this to so we can gauge interest and prioritize accordingly?


Not currently - it tries to make the board fill the height of the window though, which will reduce the size of the chat area if that’s the limiting factor. You can also use the fullscreen options to help out in that regard (the diagonal arrows on the upper right side of the game page), also the F11 key will put the whole browser into fullscreen mode to further increase the available space.

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Isn’t it possible to preserve content of the left menu from former version - or make it as option in settings? Now, to see eg. groups I belong to or tournaments I play - I need to open the Profile Page. I also can’t find list of my frineds.And the page “My Games” where I can see my games and waiting new games at once i gone.

Home page is really nice for all that.

I would agree with Julko. My home page doesn’t display groups nor tournaments, but only active games, so I have to go to the left menu and open the profile page.

It displays both, but in the bottom of home page…

Then it appears that I have a problem ! When I go to the home page (/overview), only the active games appear…

We have moved the old Tournament and Group view into the OGS-Logo-Drop-Down Menu by request. :slight_smile:

Just open the drop down menu and scroll down.


Ahah the joys of uservoice ! :smile: I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing though. I think it’d be most useful to have the links to the active tournaments one’s involved in on the home (/overview) page, just below the active games, as well as a list of the groups one’s a member of. But it’s not a big problem anyway

Thanks! And thanks for possibility to see friends and who of them is online at top menu (between “Forum” and “Search”). It’s what I wanted!