"New Window" VS "New Tab" for create/accept game

I’m using chrome on a mac, so I don’t know if this is a browser specific issue or not, but creating a new game will open it in a new tab, which is good. Accepting an open challenge however, opens a new WINDOW, which is really irritating. In addition to that, the new window almost never loads correctly, so I just close it & then go to my active games list back in my other window to rejoin it.

Please standardize this to opening a new tab for creating a new game as well as accepting an open challenge, or at least just make them open in the current window… anything but creating a new window. thanks.

This is unfortunately out of our control, we use the same call into the browser to open a new tab… sometimes it opens as a new tab, sometimes as a new window :frowning: It’s a popup handling thing within browsers i think… behavior reports should be reported to them.

On a related note, in the upcoming version you’ll be able to specify whether you want new games to open in your existing window or a new tab/window at least (though it’ll still be a random browser choice about whether it’s a new tab or a new window.)