New YouTube series: AlphaGo vs. The World (with Michael Redmond 9p!)

Thrilled to announce a brand-new series I’m producing (more info here) - new videos every Tuesday and Thursday! Hope you’ll enjoy the commentary :smiley:


I binge-watched this series and enjoyed it a lot. They’re five - ten mins videos in which Michael & Chris break down how Master outfoxed the professional of the day and achieved a winning position out of the opening.

They focus especially on the struggle between “old” and “new” fuseki ideas (I feel a certain deja vu calling from the 1930s…) What really makes the series interesting is that AlphaGo’s innovations were still relatively new to the pro community, and there was a lot more doubt about the validity of AG’s inventions; so we get to watch the irrepressible engine have to prove the worth of its novelties over the board.