"Next game" and scoring phase

Hi there!
My games in the scoring phase (stone removal) aren’t anymore in the “next game” cycle.

Both if you:

  • click on the circled number in the top bar, or
  • just make a move in a correspondence game

the cycle through games doesn’t show those which are in the stone removal phase.

I can’t say exactly when that changed, but I’m sure it wasn’t so before. So I think it’s a consequence of some recent change on the site.

Here is one of them, now in scoring phase and not showing up when I cycle through my games.

Update: after I made a move in another game, the game in scoring phase appeared again…


Now I have three moves to do and a game in scoring phase and the circled number is 4.

Before I made that move, I had 5 moves to do and the same game in scoring phase and the circled number was 5.

Maybe it depends on the moment when the game enters in the scoring phase… ???

computers. :confused:

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Programmers. :smiley:

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