Nice escape

Until the cut (marked stone) I feared my centre white stones would be lost. Ny opponent (14k) played a very good game.
But when black played K13 instead of H12 I saw an opportunity.
And captured the seven black stones. Lucky escape.
How did I capture the stones?

See moves 163-173.


Throw in, atari, atari, atari, atari, capture


You’re good. Didn’t even need the coordinates. :grin:
For me it was a hope giving capture. Seems that all those Hashimoto tsumego’s I put on the puzzle page did me good.
Well, you know what they say: a tsumego a day keeps the doctor away :smiley:

Why would black connect on move 170? Besides the fact that connecting is a game losing blunder, black’s O13 cutting stone serves no purpose anyway, because it cuts 2 living groups. So black should always ignore white’s atari at N14, at least until the late endgame.

On move 170, black should have laddered at H14 and then white’s position looks difficult to me with a weak group in the center and a dangerous situation in the lower left (black A4 kills, but white has ko aji at C4).

BTW: you say that black played J13, but white did. A typo?

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I am good at typo’s :frowning_face:
Black played K13.
Will correct it.

OK, so you are blaming move 164 for black’s loss. I think move 170 should take all the blame.

I don’t know how you came to the conclusion that I am blaming 164 for black’s loss. If black would not have played 170, I never would have been able to capture those stones (and would have had to resign) . But black chose to save those stones.
And I find “a game losing blunder” not a very nice thing to say, because this was a (handicap=3) game between a 14K (black) and a 10K (white). I think mistakes like these are normal when DDK play each other.

I (mis)interpreted this as you considering move 164 a mistake:

None of my comments were aimed at friendly encouragement (while not really helping you or your opponent to improve).
I wasn’t being purposely unfriendly either. I was just being honest by sharing some cold facts about what happened there (maybe because of my tendency for Dutch directness), hoping that you and your opponent might learn a thing or two.

But I now understand that recieving that kind of comments was not what you were hoping for, so maybe I should delete my comments? I have no problem with that.

There is no need for that.
With “blame” you hit a sensitive spot.
I was more direct than I normally would have been. Sorry about that.

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I’m sorry about that. I didn’t mean to offend.

Even though I like to think that I can handle directness well enough, I have to admit that your remark about my comment “not being very nice” also hit a sensitive spot, because I think that “being nice” is good behaviour which I try to exhibit. But I don’t always succeed and my remarks can be a bit blunt.