Nihon Ki-in youtube streams

Thread to notify forum dwellers about upcoming Japanese youtube streams.

In ~8 hours,

Last Meijin preliminary, chance for a woman to get into challenger league.

Ichiriki Ryo vs Fujisawa Rina.


Live now, just returned from lunch.

almost 7 hours later. apparently still playing.

if it was me, itd be a loss by k.o. by now (either hypnotized to sleep by the beautifully dancing stones or sent to hospital with a broken back)… i really dont know how they do it ^^. well at least they did have a break.

They had a 45min lunch but also get up regularly for bathroom breaks

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i imagine, that is pretty much necessary, even if you dont have to use the bathroom :slight_smile:. still must be very exhausting, it would be to me.

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I’ve also seen copious amounts of eye drop use :stuck_out_tongue: turns out staring at something for 7 hours straight can be tiring :wink:

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9 and a half hours later… still no resignation… I’m tired just watching them o.o

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Game just finished.

Ichiriki Ryo def Fujisawa Rina by resignation

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Ichiriki Ryo is already used to crushing women’s dreams. He stopped Ueno Asami from earning Ryusei title, right?

Hiroshima-Aluminium Cup in ~8 hours.


Not exactly Nihon Kiin but it started!