No changes in overall pts after winning

Hi support, I just won a game but my overall progress points did not change.

My score after the game against Jean-Racine was 840.6 (
And I just played another game against MichelNadeau but after the game my score remains at 840.6 (

Was this an error?


MichelNadeau is still provisional. Games against provisional players don’t affect your rank, no matter if ranked or not. Not an error :slight_smile:


Why is that account still provisional? It has over 2.6k games. Thanks

MichelNadeau is apparently a bot, although it is not identified as such on the profile. However, the profile shows it must play 8,083 more games before losing provisional status. This enormous number is typical of bots.

And sandbaggers aswell :wink:

I don’t understand. How would a sandbagger need 8K more games to stop being provisional, even if you knew he was a sandbagger?

You can consider it as a punishment