No copy and paste from chat

Occasionally I get an answer to my general greeting at the beginning of a game in a language and script I can’t read or even guess at (Korean or Russian). I’ve tried to copy and paste the text, in order to find out what it says with google translate or something similar. But the copy and paste function seems to be disabled for the chat window. Presumably this is a deliberate decision. (I’ve only played go online, so I wouldn’t know if it’s standard for game websites.) Is there some special reason for it?

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Or maybe it is a bug?
In settings/preferences I could not find an option to en/disable copy & paste.

I doubt it is deliberate and you can still copy/paste via the right click context menu, which is hopefully a bearable workaround for now.

Probably an unwanted result of some custom keyboard shortcuts we have mapped or something like that. :man_shrugging:t2:


Thank you. Yes, I see now that marking and right clicking allows me to copy (in firefox). It’s just marking and strg + c that doesn’t work.