No Kids Allowed - Go Streaming - WeiqiWorldwide!

“Before, I was 30 pounds overweight and my doctor told me I had only three months to live. After watching this stream and applying its advice to my life, I lost the weight, and I’ll see the end of the year!” - Anonymous

“This stream changed my life” - Anonymous

“Not your dads stream!” - Jmdingess

"My hair grew back after watching :slight_smile: " - Pan Piper

“DanielML probably wouldn’t approve of us” - Kaworu Nagisa

“R-raided” - Godave98

“Do you remember that guy in hikaru no go who gave mean teaching games and sai hated him” - Beefucurry

Bsically, Jmdingess, pan Piper and I are streaming casual, non-serious, relaxed, humour-oriented go games.



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Bumping to promote these good lads and their stream

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