No love for live tournaments?

I always miss the server-wide live tournament, and aside from those it seems like no one create any live tournaments at all :frowning:
Is there any group that manage live tournaments regularly?

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Does TNL count?

Mm I’m already in the TLN :smile:

How do you miss them? We run them every hour!


Every hour? I can’t find them in the tournament list, and the notification on the top right side always show “Correspondence…” something (it’s cut off on my screen).

Looks like there’s been an issue today where we haven’t created any recently. I’ve cleared up that blockage and you should see them created every hour. You can look at the archive tab and see that they run on an hourly frequency normally.

So if I understand correctly each hour there’s a tournament starting, right?
Is there anyway I can preview the cycle and apply for example an tournament that will start in 3 hours?

You can see the schedule on the schedules page. The tournament opens 30 minutes before it starts and that is the soonest you can sign up for them. Each tournament has a minimum participant count… if that’s not met within a few minutes of the start time then the tournament will be removed.