No Mail Message


I have last Days the Problem that i got not more a Message in my Mail Account if the Player set a Stone in my Game.

(Yes i marked it in the Menue)

I was having a similar issue recently (past few weeks). It seems that these emails suddenly started to be caught by my gmail spam filter, which seems unusual since I’ve received thousands of them in the past without issue.

I’ve had a similar issue, as have some people I play with. In my case, it’s because apparently I had too many emails bounce, and as a result they stopped sending them (see here and here).

I could be wrong, but it seemed to coincide with me putting up an auto-reply on my email for a couple months while I was slow to email due to a new family member. I suggested on github that we create a way to inform users if this happens and give them a way to change it. If others are in a similar boat, please weigh in.