No More Than 3 Posts in a Row/10 character chat Restrictions

What is the point of having the 3 posts in a row restriction. This and the 10 character minimum in PMs. I really don’t understand why either need to exist.

The 3 posts in a row restriction is probably in place to prevent spammers, but one can still spam with 3 posts, and some people will run into this limit and won’t be able to post. For example, in the thread "Robots in Terrihill: Werewolf Game 3.0, I have 2 posts in a row that address two different things, and were written at two different times. If everyone follows the rules properly and there isn’t any confusion, 2020-05-25T16:00:00Z when the next day phase begins, I would like to post two posts. First, a post about the story and what happened during the night phase. Second, a voting poll in another post. Part of the reason I like putting this in a seperate post is because I feel that at some point, posts feel stuffed, and like there is too much stuff in them if you try and add too much(anyone reading this, I am not asking you to break the rules and post during the night. Please do not do that).

The 10 character minimum in PMs is probably to make sure posts have actual content, but there are times that you can add content in a few letters, or sometimes I like to comment “hahaha” on posts, but I can’t because of this restriction. I then instead just comment “hahahahaha” so I can get the same point across and it will go through. Either something like that, or I will comment <hide(spammed letters)>, which will make it so I my post looks the same, just gets more characters. An example of this is here:

This post actually has over 10 characters because of this. I have received a PM before that literally said “(just to make it 10 characters)” I personally don’t think that this restriction has a purpose. Often times you will get the same amount of content.

I don’t exactly understand the reasoning behind either of these restrictions. They have purposes, but they don’t exactly do a ton. I feel that they are more annoying than anything, but that might just be me.

I think we should either abolish or change these rules, maybe to 5 posts in a row instead of 3 for the first issue, or something that could increase as you trust level increases(and not mods only). I do think that we should abolish the 10 character limit though. The 10 character limit is the most pointless thing in my opinion. What does everyone else think about this?


If it is important at all, this was a discussion I was having through a PM in a thread called “Tutorial/Discobot’s Learning Attempts”.

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Because there’re people who aren’t familiar with forums and use it as a chat creating separate post for each line they write. With this restriction they’re forced to learn forum tools properly (automatically) and spam threads less.

I think you can post more if there’s enough time passed to the previous post but it’s glitchy.


What S_Alexander said <—

To expand the idea: The purpouse of the forums is mostly to discuss things, errors, potential improvements… The posts here stay “forever” and should ideally have some “bigger” purpouse than saying “hi” (hence the minimum character limit). It is also usually beneficial to get an opinion from more users, not just one very vocal one. (Hence the maximum consecutive replies). And as the forums are more for “serious” issues, we try to actually read through most of the relevant threads so we do not miss a problem and having 5 replies with no content just eats away from our time.

Not that there is anything wrong with idle chat, but for that we have a general chat on the main site, where people just meet and schedule games and talk and generally talk out the things that do not need to be archived for later re-visit.

If you need to add something to a your latest post, consider editing the post instead of creating a new one. And yes, for the special cases like forum games it is a bit cumbersome sometimes and I wish we could change the limit for these special topics, but don’t think we can. But for the rest of the forums I am very gratefull for these limits sometimes :smiley:


The greatest meme of all time
Was the meme that almost happened;
But it was the fourth post in a row.
The rule struck.
And the Muse was gone.


Actually I normally do one or two posts in a row also when i try to send a post less less then ten characters it will auto block me from typing it