No one wants handicap games?

I almost never played handicap games here in OGS. No one wants to play handicapped games? But May be, wouldnt it be better to never rank games which are doesn’t have handicap and have rank difference? Or am i thinking so wrong?

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I feel the ranks in OGS are currently a bit unstable. I am afraid that any handicap game would be far worse experience than playing even games. I am 3d now but I’m afraid to give 4 stones to 2k players who can almost play even games with me. Once the rankings get more stable and reliable I will definitely try handicap games.

Mh… what’s wrong with losing as W in a handicap game? :wink:

It has more to do with the feeling that you are playing someone equally strong and giving him/her handicap.
I did play few handicap games when I started in OGS. It was not a nice experience.

@Pempu, I find this surprising.

Do you think you played with sandbaggers then?

Regards, Tom

I just played even game against this 2k Game here
I managed to win 9.5 points but I couldn’t give him many handicap stones.

My sympathy :wink:

I faintly remember having read something about that between Dan ranks the differences do not equate one stone … and perhaps the difference between 2k and 3d is also somewhat less than 5 stones?

Anyway, being out here in the country, in the diaspora, I with my measly ~13–15k always play against a large amount of black stones, sometimes nine on a 13x13 board, and I tell ya, even against beginners such a game can become quite serious :smiley:

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