No pass button in review of uploaded game?

I assume this is kind of a bug.

I use the SGF library to review games with katago. A couple of the times I wanted to talk to somebody about a particular ai review - maybe to review a game I played with them, but since you can’t just show your own ideas live when you share the sgf library file with them I’ve tried making a review of it. Then I have the katago board open in another tab, put in some of the ai reviews into the game review, plus some of my own variations, or the other persons ideas etc.

Anyway for some reason there’s no pass button in this review which I thought was odd. I had to check if that was always the case, and normally there is a pass button in analysis mode, and reviews of actual OGS games.

It’d be handy to have a pass button rather than playing a stone at like A1, or using the edit tool to add and remove a stone so it looks like a pass. Sometimes adding comments to a pass would be nice for example.

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