Noob_bot says I am cheating

You are all good. Just let the bot admin know. You’ve played hundreds of games against those bots. Occasional early resignation is understandable.


Sorry, I will pay more attention on the chat.
Maybe violations could generate a popup.

Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the explanation. I will certainly comply. It does make sense. I never did it with this intent though.

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Thing is, no player is required to visit a bot’s profile, and thus many probably won’t see the bot’s administrator’s “rules”.

And THEN, when these players. ignorant of those “rules”, are being accused “cheating” in private chat, and much the more: if they are beginners (as must be assumed when playing against a “noob_bot”) , I can very well understand how someone could feel unrightly insulted.

Maybe we can invite the admin of those bots to this discussion, if they at all read the forum: @QAQQwQ … well, they can’t be tagged, so probably not.

So… maybe we should ask them to state those rules in the greeting message of a game and NOT only in the parting message (which the human player might not even see!).

And this:

Not possible—the OGS Web application cannot know about some personal “rules” that a bot’s admin states on their profile in text form.


Now you’re talking. I do think that insisting on some care in communications by bot owners is “the right thing” for our community - just as we insist in care and common courtesy from everyone else. Bots, appearing as they do as an OGS feature, need even more.


Just to inform I have been unblocked by the bot admin. Thank you all for the valuable information and courtesy.