Noob getting stuck in the middle

Hi there,

Second game against a human opponent. I beat the 22k bot pretty consistently. When I lose, it’s mainly because of what happened in this real match : When trying to “surround” (sorry for the lack of Go vocabulary) my opponent, I get caught in the middle.

I’m really new to this game so my understanding is limited, but I really want to improve.

I’m thinking the moves #5, 7 and 9 sealed my faith (Kind of). Could anyone hint to what I should have done differently ?

Thanks in advance to whoever take the time to read my post, even if you don’t have the time/knowledge/motivation to give me an answer.

I wish you all a great day


The game was actually pretty good for you. White has three groups on the board and you could have killed each of them at some point of the game.


Thank you so much !!! A few points that I can mostly understand and some that I have to investigate tomorrow : That’s perfect for where I’m at. I’m very glad I was not as doomed as I thought initially. It’s very motivating to get better.

PS: Move #25: "You can see that white can capture your stone, right?
Its also not making it harder for white to build eyes. "

Yes, as soon as I clicked, I knew it was bad move. I don’t remember if this one is one of them, but I had at least 3 misclick in this game (trackpad too sensitive). Very unfortunate.

I hate it when people say “of” when they should have said “have”.

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thanks really appreciate it.